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Business owners, political candidates and non-profit organizations have all turned to ViewMARK for public relations counsel.  Each had an objective in mind, a problem to solve, and a product to promote. But to achieve success, they knew they would need to influence people.  Working with ViewMARK to develop a public relations, marketing and communication plan, these big thinkers learned how to raise their profile, build their client base, and meet their objectives.

We approached ViewMark with vague ideas of new directions in which to move our company. After spending time helping us understand what we needed to succeed, ViewMARK made the ideas a reality. The results are exactly what I was looking for.

— Mary Adams – ABS Tax Service

Success Stories

Tensaw Land & Timber wanted to develop its significant land holdings near the Thyssenkrupp Steel Manufacturing plant in north Mobile County.  Development of these parcels would encourage other development in the area and realize the dream of those who championed bringing the plant to the region.  But the Alabama Department of Transportation required developers to build costly road easements.  This diminished the value of the development and discouraged economic growth.  Tensaw asked ViewMARK Communications to help it present its case to economic development agencies in Alabama and encourage them to supplement the cost of road construction.

ABS Tax Service knew its business model was changing.  Preparing tax returns would no longer be the sole focus of the company.  New IRS regulations requiring the certification of tax preparers would make the burgeoning ABS Tax School a potential growth opportunity.  But the school’s online curriculum and website needed an overhaul.  Working with ViewMARK Communications, ABS Tax Service developed a new web-based registration and online test-taking system to increase revenue and better serve its students.  The overhaul included using social media to expand the reach of the ABS Tax School and Tax Service to improve communication and market services to potential clients and customers.

In Mobile, Alabama, the western part of the city experienced massive growth.  But some of the amenities that make up a first-class city hadn’t yet arrived.  City Council Member Connie Hudson sought to build an amphitheater in West Mobile’s Medal of Honor Park but needed funding.  She enlisted ViewMARK Communications to conduct a fundraising and community awareness campaign.   After public meetings, grant proposals and presentations, Hudson and ViewMARK put the development project on the local agenda and raised necessary funds.  Concurrently, Hudson successfully ran for Mobile County Commissioner.   She hopes to soon break ground on the Mobile County Bicentennial Pavilion.

The economic recession left thousands on the Mobile Bay out of work and desperate.  Many lacked the knowledge needed to find employment in today’s job market.  The non-profit group Mobile Bay Job Seekers decided to bring together HR professionals and church job ministries to lead counseling sessions, seminars and networking events.  MBJS helped hundreds find work.  But with unemployment at an all-time high, MBJS wanted more of the community to know what it had to offer.  ViewMARK helped the group develop a multi-platform promotional campaign and website offering job listings, job search tips and job counseling.  Today the successful program is sponsored by the Mobile Chamber of Commerce.

Community Involvement

ViewMark Communications prides itself on being an active member of its local community.  Local elected officials and community leaders have called on ViewMark to lead initiatives, offer advice, and provide professional service.  Here are just a few of the local groups and organizations served by ViewMark Communications:

    • Vice-President of Marketing — Boy Scouts Of America – Mobile Area Council
    • Co-Executive Director – Mobile County Bicentennial Celebration
    • Executive Board Member – Mobile Bay Job Seekers
    • Event Pavilion Initiative – Mobile County/City of Mobile
    • Director of Communications —  Matranga for Mobile County Commissioner
    • Connie Hudson for Commissioner Campaign


“Mark Roberts is a creative, talented individual. He brings the best of journalistic knowledge to the professional world. His ability to think like a media professional makes him a tremendous asset to today’s business community that must interact with an ever more complex business media environment. Nancy Sims - Pierpont Communications

“Mark Roberts’ ability to select the best marketing approach and course of action to meet the customer’s objectives is superb. His professional approach is to listen, ask probing questions then develop alternatives for the customer to have options that best align with their objectives and financial budget. Mr. Roberts is creative, resourceful, personable and professional in his approach. I have found his work to be of the highest quality and can endorse him fully.Guy Carter - President, the Carter Group LLC

“Mark doesn’t look at the road. He looks at where the road is going. Mark is always two steps ahead when it comes to technological advancements and how they can be, and are, a driving force. From understanding the use of multi-platform distribution of information via the internet to the use of social networking sites, Mark has an uncanny ability to see where business is headed.”Doug Barden - News Director, KSBY-TV